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discipleship training school

OCToBER 21ST 2024 – MARCH 8TH 2025

The DTS is a five month intensive Christian training program blending classroom learning, small group activities, personal reflection, practical service, and community living. It is divided into two parts: lecture phase and outreach phase.

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In the lecture phase, your focus will be on knowing God, His Word, and His world. You will seek transformation, a renewed mind, and personal growth. You’ll learn not only from teachers but also from community living and practical training. 


Lecture phase engages the mind. It will occur onsite at YWAM Analco's training center, and lasts twelve weeks. You will receive powerful teaching from motivating speakers and missionaries, meant to provoke, challenge, and encourage. Issues like hearing the voice of God, identity, sin and forgiveness, and much more are discussed. Classroom time is a chance to build friendships and dig deeper into the questions we all have.

local ministry & outreach

Personal transformation leads to the transformation of community. You will have a chance to make a difference in the city of Durango through ministry and mini-outreaches. Whether it’s teaching the gospel, working on a community project, or praying for the city, your DTS staff will guide you every step of the way, equipping you to impact your neighborhood.

This kind of local ministry will also form part of your preparation for the DTS outreach phase.



YWAM is a relational organization that values community. This is fostered through base-wide corporate worship and prayer times, family meals together, and dorm-style housing on the base. You'll not only get to experience the multi-cultural family that makes up YWAM Analco, but you'll be part of it! 

practical work

A key part of character development is serving those around us. A part of DTS is working to keep the YWAM community functioning, while teaching teamwork and dedication. Whether it is gardening, cleaning, reception, or something else, this side of DTS helps you become a part of the community of YWAM around you.

outreach phase

After 12 weeks of hearing lectures, getting equipped, and serving within the city, you will join with others to take the message and love of God across the world. You will learn about the diversity of cultures and will participate in God’s purposes for the places you visit.


The DTS outreach phase will give you the chance to apply the principles you learned during your DTS lecture phase. You can put all of your new perspective into action by sharing God’s truth in different places all around the world. The goal is to share the love of God which you have experienced in your own life.


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Lecture phase

Lecture phase costs include:

- Food, dorm-style housing, ministry-related transportation

- School/ministry supplies

Lecture Phase costs do not include:

- Travel to/from Durango from your home

- Personal expenses (ex. shampoo, coffee/snacks, etc.)

- Medical insurance (required, must provide international coverage)

The cost of the lecture phase depends on the classification of your country according to the UofN:

- A Countries: 3,000 USD

- B Countries: 25,000 MXN

- C Countries: 20,000 MXN

If you don't know which classification your country belongs to, click here.

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outreach phase

Since outreaches locations vary, exact costs cannot be provided until later during the DTS. However, some approximate costs for the two-month outreach phase can be found below.

Outreach costs include:

- travel to/from outreach destination and travel-related expenses (ex. visas, Covid tests, etc)

- food, housing, local transportation 

Outreach costs do not include:

personal expenses

- medical insurance



- $1,500 -2500 USD


$3,000 USD- 4,000 USD 


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