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Ethnos Chef seeks to develop psycho-social abilities, an appreciation of cultural diversity, and basic life skills in adolescents through cooking classes of international cuisine.


Multiple aspects of modern culture have had adverse effects on today's youth:

• Technology overuse has contributed to underdeveloped psycho-social skills like emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, empathy, assertiveness, and healthy relationships. 

• Despite ever-increasing globalization, there seems to be a declining interest and appreciation for cultural diversity.

• Well-intentioned but over-protective parents have inadvertently cultivated infantilism in this generation, with many kids left without any tools to deal with emotional, physical, or spiritual distress as well as an absence of life skills and self-reliance.


Ethnos Chef desires to address all three of these different areas and work to restore the divine purposes, abilities, and calling to this generation.  

Ethnos Chef was designed for adolescents 10-14 who desire to learn more about food preparation. Each of the multiple courses available explore the cuisine of a particular country/culture, and each course meets twice per week for two hours over seven weeks. 

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