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A Worthy Profession

Lebensbaum desires to equip its students with the knowledge, techniques, and practice of German carpentry in order to form people who are capable to work with dignity and contribute to their community. Together with values like excellence and work ethic, Lebensbaum seeks to give the necessary formation so that its graduates can practice carpentry as a profession.



Like any other culture, the German culture has many valuable and honorable aspects that can benefit anyone who adopts them. Lebensbaum seeks to impart those same positive values for which Germany has been globally recognized, and that those values would reflect in the work and life of each student. Whether it is a piece of furniture in the workshop, a homework assignment at school, or a project at work, the German Carpentry Academy encourages its students to do everything with excellence, precision, patience, discipline, and passion. 

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Graduates of the German Carpentry Academy will leave with a variety of knowledge and abilities, including: 


• Knowledge about general carpentry, such as classic joints 

• Knowledge of tools and machines, as well as their use

• Design and planning of furniture

• Knowledge of how to use hinges and metallic fittings 

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